The intention of Declet Tek LLP is to bring positive change in the life of people we connect by supplying solutions and services which bring Benefits and joy.

If you want to make your on-line life easier, Google would be the first name that comes to mind. And when you think of Google, chances are you will think of Declet Tek, a leading name in the Google solutions marketplace. DecletTek has established itself as a cloud products marketing company for Google, helping clients realize the exciting potential of the cloud to help their businesses grow.

G Suite

Opted by millions of businesses worldwide,G Suite is an exclusive intergrated suite of cloud tools that provide productivity and agility in business opertations.It comprises of Gmail,Drive,Docs,Calender and more.

Office 365

Launched by Microsoft,Office 365 is Comprehensive abundance and powerful set of cloud solutions that enables mobility, collobration,security and much more. It includes apps like SharePoint Online,Skype for Business,Exchange Online and lots more.

Zoha Workplace

Extensively used by many global organization,Zoha Workplace is all in intergrated virtual suite comprising of Zoha mail,word processing,presentation, project management,video conferensing, CRM applications,etc.

Zoha CRM

Zoha CRM enables you to connect with your targeted customers via pone,email,social media,live chat or any other source.Zoha allows you to track visitors,extract email analytics and ultimately gives you a platform to find multiple engagement opportunities.

Workspace by GoDaddy

Workspace is the email security solutions you get on purchasing the hosting from GoDaddy.While email is very useful for any effective business communication,this email solution helps to handle Gmail and GoDaddy email simultaneously in real-time.

Google Vault

Google Vault is an archiving and eDiscovery platform that helps a business to determine what data is necessary to retain,hold and export for fullfilling eDiscovery business needs. It supports emails,Google Drive files,groups,etc.

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